Shimi Paper Fishby Don't Expect Anything Sensible

Shimi Paper Fish - the new name!

Good news, everyone!

We've given a name to our in-development fishing game: Shimi Paper Fish! This is inspired by the game's origami art style along with the fishing theme, and 'Shimi' is (according to Google Translate) Japanese for 'Paper fish', because 'origami fish' would be far too difficult to find by searching.

Naming things is really tricky - we spent ages coming up with a name that we were happy with, and then spent longer checking if it meant anything horrible and that there was nothing which already had the same name! It's nice having a name for the game now though, rather than describing it as 'untitled fishing game' everywhere.

In actual development news, we've started work on the overworld which will allow you to select where you want to fish - more details soon once there's slightly better developer art in place!